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China's Electronic Connector Market Will Change

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The Electronic Connector Market in China will be in a new phase.

     Electronic connectors, as the key electronic components of current or signal connection, are also an important part of the industrial system. From airplanes and rockets to mobile phones and televisions, electronic connectors come into being in various forms, bridging circuit boards or other electronic components, and assuming the role of current or signal connection. According to the latest research report released by the authoritative media, the global cable and electronic connector market revenue will reach 125.3 billion US dollars by 2022, with an annual growth rate of 11.1% during 2016-2022.

Perspective of China's Electronic Connector Market from Three Aspects

     With the growth of the demand for new energy vehicles, the market potential of electronic connectors in the automotive field in China is highlighted, and the market scale will grow rapidly. Even some experts assert that automotive connectors have become the fastest growing segment market in the field of automotive parts. However, apart from automobiles, what are the subdivisions of connectors in China? Specifically, there are the following aspects: from the perspective of application market, IT & communication, electronics and medical industry are the most demanding application markets. At the same time, the popularization of cloud technology and Internet of Things technology will further increase the demand for reliable, high performance and high security data connection and transmission. In terms of growth rate, oil and gas field is the largest application market with compound annual growth rate. From the point of view of installation type, the market of electronic connectors is divided into two kinds: built-in and external. Among them, the demand for built-in cables and connectors is expected to grow faster in the next six years, mainly because of the development of miniaturization of electronic products and the popularity of wireless technology. In terms of product types, in 2015, CAT5/CAT6 cable and electronic connectors are the main demand products, accounting for 47% of the total market, which is due to the growing demand for high-performance and long-distance connectivity. But by 2022, USB cables and connectors as well as FPC connectors are expected to have the fastest annual compound growth rate with the growth of demand for high-speed data transmission. Under the trend of intelligent upgrading, the connector Market in China will be welcomed and changed with the continuous popularity of electric vehicles.

    With the influx of Internet enterprises and the accelerating change of the impact of new technologies on the traditional automobile industry, automobiles are now more than just a vehicle. When new words such as environmental protection, energy saving and entertainment intelligence are combined with automobiles, they indirectly help electronic connectors bring new opportunities for development. USBType-C becomes the new kinetic energy of connectors in consumer electronics. With the use of USB Type-C technology in several popular mobile devices this year, it is expected that this specification will gradually become the mainstream of the industry in the future and bring a new growth point to the electronic connector market. Wearable Internet of Things will be the next growth point for connectors. Corresponding electronic connectors will undoubtedly play an important role in it. This trend is particularly evident in wearable devices. Today's global manufacturers of electronic components are trying to compete for a place in "wearable" devices, in which miniaturization is an absolute priority. Intelligent factories and robots will make industrial connectors blowout. With the development of industrial manufacturing towards automation and intellectualization, connectors in factory automation, power distribution, railway and other fields are naturally the focus of development. Solutions and technologies for "Industrial 4.0" and "Intelligent Production" need new upgrades naturally for connectors that can control production efficiency in stamping, injection molding, assembly, pressing and other modules.


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