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Main Application Range and Function of Connector

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Take the LED landscape lamp as an example. The distance from the power supply to the lamp holder is generally large. If every wire from the power supply to the lamp holder is connected from beginning to end, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the construction and cause waste of wire. Some people may wonder whether it is okay to make a gap directly from the fire wire, connect the conductive parts of the wire together, and then wrap a few layers of insulating glue around it. You don't have to use connectors. Firstly, most of the insulating tapes are easy to ageing and have potential safety hazards; secondly, the mechanical properties of the joints directly connected with wires are very poor, slightly vibration and stretching of the lines can easily lead to circuit breakage, and poor contact between the joints can easily cause heat, thus causing fire; moreover, the outdoor environment is bad, the requirements of waterproof, salt-proof and ageing-proof are relatively high, and the insulating glue is far from essential. Seek. But if we use high-performance waterproof connectors in outdoor lighting, not only simplify the installation of the power grid, but also all these security risks will be reduced to a very low level. _

This example simply illustrates the benefits of connectors. It makes the design and production process more convenient, more flexible, safer, and reduces the cost of production and maintenance. The emergence of connectors improves the production process of connectors to simplify the assembly process of electronic products. It also simplifies the batch production process and easy maintenance. If an electronic component fails, it can quickly replace the failed component when it is installed with connectors. It is easy to upgrade with the progress of technology. When it is installed with connectors, it can update the component and replace the old one with the new and more perfect one to improve the design. Flexible use of connectors allows engineers greater flexibility in designing and integrating new products, as well as in composing systems with components. _

Especially for industrial connectors, sometimes used in harsh environments where plug-and-play is needed, flexibility and security are more important. Simple plug-in connectors with buttons would be a wise choice at this time.

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